# Social, the king of digital in 21 century

Social Media Marketing: A boon to your Business

We have seen a rapid increase in social media over the last few years. Social media platforms have a strong influence on our lives today. From educational institutions to several businesses, almost everyone in the business environment is present on social media to stay connected with their audience. Businesses are now hiring SMO services and Social Media Marketing services so they stay active on digital platforms and stay close to their audience.

Considering this growing importance, there is one important question that everyone has in their mind – Why is Digital marketing so important?

Well, there are several reasons why it is important to indulge in Digital Marketing. Of all the types of digital marketing, SMO services are quite important. Here are the reasons:

1. Valuable customer insights
The most important reason why a business should indulge in social media marketing is to get customer insights. A strong social media presence helps them in gathering huge amount of customer data and that too in real time. If the social media platforms are analyzed, there are more that 500 million Tweets, billions of Likes on Facebook. With all these, one can easily analyze customer behavior. This information helps brands in coming up with customer-centric products and services.

2. Increases brand loyalty and awareness
With social media presence, a business can reach out to its potential customers with ease. Social media platforms make it easy to connect and communicate with audience. This increases customer retentions and will also enhance brand loyalty. By running several social media campaigns, companies can gather real-time information and feedback from customers. These campaigns serve as easy and inexpensive ways to advertise your business.

4. Opportunities turn into conversions
With social media, there is a greater chance of turning opportunities into conversions. With every post, business owners get a chance to sell their product. With more following, there are always more chances of conversions.

5. Increases customer reach
Active social media presence means reaching out to a wider set of audiences. Now a days, it can be seen that even small businesses are attracting global audience and this is because of their social media presence.

6. Brands seem more reachable
There was a time when high label brands struggled to make their presence outside their elite circle. However, that isn’t the scene anymore. Social media has played a critical role in erasing these borders. Brands become more reachable as they get to connect with their audience.

7. Traffic to your website
Social media presence increases traffic on a website. When a potential customer sees a post on a particular social media site, they go and check on the website.

8. It portrays brand in better light
When a brand indulges in social media and stays active on the platforms, the audience start developing a positive impression. The potential customers develop a trust factor.

9. Digital marketing reduces door to door marketing
Digital marketing is the new age of marketing and it reduces most of the costs that businesses spend on other types of marketing as it covers an umbrella of platforms.

10. Better opportunities to understand competition
Social media platforms are open. They provide a transparent stage so that businesses get to know about their competitors and how their strategies work

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