Online Reputation Management

Good reputation is worth a lot more than money, highly critical if you are in services industry” Since the global downturn in 2008, there has been a paradigm shift in the construct of corporate reputation.

Online reputation management is a tool to create balance in the marketing management while counteracting the effects of misleading trends. It helps the firm bring its best trait forward without any kind of mismatch in information. Most of the customer base for any company uses the Internet as a source for information. Now, you wouldn’t want your brand to showcase any negative image on this widespread platform trusted by many. Negative comments can hinder the trust relationship with the client, which is why online reputation management is a necessity in the business world.

HashTAGit helps you in developing a positive online reputation that lasts for a long time with a continuous effort from our team to keep it the same for years to come. Our experts keep a tab on the customer reviews and devise strategies in accordance with the reviews to help your business prosper in a better way. Our tools help you walk through our thorough procedure of monitoring followed by improving as well as protecting the presence of your brand on an online platform. A good reputation takes a lot of time to be built and only a few seconds to be tarnished.

In our experience, businesses often realise the value of reputation only when confronted with a crisis that threatens business. It is akin to a person turning towards spirituality when hit by a calamity in life. Or, as a popular Indian saying goes, you start digging a well when you are thirsty.

A carefully nurtured online reputation management programme can ring-fence against risks, and all other things being equal, enhance the competitiveness across multiple areas of strategic importance such as customers, talent, capital, resources, policy, and supply chain.

Reputation is a low-hung fruit, and it can indeed be churned to create ground breaking opportunities. To be the big fish in the pond, HashTAGit has been working with some of the leaders in its team to create an impeccable reputation structure for your organization and hang your digital shingle the way it deserves to be hung!

While you are reading this, your competitor is already doing it!

HashTAGit Differentiators

HashTAGit has its methodology and tool kit for reputation management, specially crafted for healthcare and education business.

Impact Delivered

We have successfully overturned negative sentiments of 50+ brands across various domains and geography.

Rockstar Team

Our team includes experienced professionals with a background from reputation management and public relations.

Outstanding performance

Awarded by Deloitte India and Asia-Pac, CIO Magazine, and Google for outstanding performance.

Our Approach

  • Diagnosis of Online Content: The very first part of managing your online reputation is to confirm the need for it. There is no need for the same if you have a clean reputation with no glitch. However, running big firms cannot be 100 percent error-free, which is why HashTAGit tracks any negative online presence and content in relation to your website and tackles it with the implementation of a set of carefully curated tools.
  • Google Category Identification: Now that you know that you require online reputation management, we help you determine the category to which you belong with regards to Google. It includes four categories as Negative, Positive, irrelevant and “the impersonator” where some with a name similar to yours establish an online impression due to confusion in the name.
  • Audit Social Media Presence: If required, an audit of unusable social media based accounts should be practiced. We make sure to delete any kind of inappropriate content present in your account and do a thorough clean up on every possible platform.
  • Advanced Tactics to Boost Google Ranking: Apart from the basic clean-up and trust establishment, we at HashTAGit help you boost your rank on Google via tools such as SEO, appropriate content generation, social sharing and website linking.
What People Says

Our association with HashTAGit has been absolutely advantageous. The SEM & SEO services have paid off really well and the best part of choosing HashTAGit for our marketing has been the rocketed lead generation. The media buying resulted in surprisingly high returns. They came up with the idea of social media marketing which turned out to be the best decision we took in this alliance.

Mona Chauhan
Director BournHall Fertility Center

HashTAGit team is easy to work with, team demonstrates absolute passion and ownership towards assignment and client. It’s been 4 years we are working with HashTAGit across search rankings, social media management and lead generation, it is an absolute pleasure working with the team. I proudly recommend the team HashTAGit. Keep up the great work!

Pawan Arora
Founder Meddey

We’ve executed a number of successful social media campaigns across specialities and departments with HashTAGit. Their attention to detail is fantastic coupled with their decision on driving ROI. I must say you can not get better agency in Healthcare than HashTAGit. We are working with them for past 5 years, fantastic working with them. They have uplifted our digital presence like anything.

Business Head of Hospital Group