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One Negative Review can destroy a year’s Hard Work
Your Online Reputation should be on the top of your priority list. With most of the businesses casting their presence online, the online customers are not behind! They choose the internet to express themselves for a particular product or service. According to a study, 90% of the customers tend to consider online reviews before opting for a particular product or service. Thus one negative review can cost your major online sales that you can drive online. Moreover, the attrition rate of a customer uplifts up to 75% once a customer finds a negative review online.

Keeping a track of your online reputation helps you to:
* Be alert of customer’s feedback
* Track Your Competitor’s Approach towards customer Satisfaction
* Launch high sales driven campaigns
* Position yourself in the competitive world in the best possible manner.

So as to manage your online reputation for driven sales, it is important to consider the following steps:

Monitor your Online Presence:
Be Alert with your online presence. These are a couple of free tools you need to be alert of your online reputation:

1. Google Alerts
2. Yahoo Alerts
3. Twitter Search
4. Social Mention etc

Fast Response:
An organization should react to almost every type of comment made by the customer. With cut throat competition, your competitors may also choose to push your online reputation down. One must engage in a conversation with the customer and try and fix their query. Here it must be noted that if a customer’s negative feedback is considered immediately and a solution is also provided, the same negative review can be used as an asset for better sales. A funnel of conversation must be created to engage the customer and address their queries.

Reconsider your online image:
Scan your online image. Google Yourself. Keep a constant check on your online activities on a daily basis. Your Happy Customers should be motivated while your unsatisfied customers’ queries can be optimally handled and utilized to be transformed into a positive review.

Keep a check on Your Services:
‘Keep your friends close and your enemies closer’
A negative review can actually help you identify your business’s shortcomings. Optimally harvesting these reviews can help you to analyze and uplift your product and services.

Identify Optimum Online Reputation Managements:
There are a lot of organizations that specialize and excel in the field of Online Reputation Management. While one can manually manage their Online Reputation but automating the online reputation management process is of utmost importance.

HashTAGit, a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon specializes in the field of Online Reputation Management. It prepares strategies for fixing your poor online reputation. It publishes high quantity of cynical content such as blogs, articles, reviews, and are also active on forums too. When it comes to Online Reputation Management, HashTAGit’s ideology is Scanning, Pushing and Fixing. Where we scan your online reputation, push the relevant information up or down on various search engines and finally fix your issue!

Are you thinking of Online Reputation Management? You are at the right place!

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