Account Based Marketing

“Reach the most relevant audience within targeted accounts, instead of shooting in dark to optimize time and cost of marketing spend.”

#Reach the most relevant audience

#Our Approach

#Key Differentiator

#Clients served

At HashTAGit, we have managed more than 20 accounts for our clients (focus Account-based marketing) and have given them the best results.

#Impact Delivered

INR 3 Million worth of business signed off by our clients, lead generated by Account-based marketing.

#Across Verticals

Comprehensive view, have managed account based marketing assignment across healthcare, education and start up/ E-commerce.


Awarded top 20 digital marketing companies, owing to our Account-based marketing assignment executed for a healthcare organization.

#Subject Leadership

Our knowledge on the subject has helped us curate and create content that is bound to make you stand apart.


Our team includes experienced professionals with a background from account based marketing.